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We are 25th Hour Studios, a game development studio based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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At 25th Hour Studios, we believe that extraordinary things are created by ordinary people fuelled by opportunity and passion.

world of into the fathom

"Into the Fathom" is our debut title, a hardcore, sci-fi horror FPS game set on a distant alien planet in the year 2243, where players embark on a deeply philosophical, inwards spiritual journey disguised as a gritty survival shooter.

You play as N-462, a slave-ship mechanic owned by the wealthy Cambrion Corporation, who must survive the planet's destructive fathomstorms and uncover the mysteries of an ancient alien reliquary known as the Post-Human Vaults, said to hold within it the secrets of the universe.

But with each storm, the world changes...



word from founders

George Ioseliani, Founder

Blažka Ribarjeva, Co-Founder

"We founded 25th Hour because we wanted to make games our way.

We wanted to commit ourselves to recreating the magic our favourite childhood games had gifted us with.

We also wanted to take a principled stance against unethical and predatory financial tactics that, unfortunately, seem to plague the games industry nowadays.

It is our belief that video games are more than just cheap entertainment and shock value.

To us, games are an art form that allow us to tell stories that serve to enrich the lives of gamers in intellectual, philosophical and spiritual ways.

We see ourselves as the new breed of indie developer, bringing true innovation and a fresh, youthful energy to an otherwise stale and conventional industry.

Instead of appealing to closed elitist circles, we've decided to take the long road and find our own way into the hearts of gamers worldwide."

about 25th hour studios

We are a passionate team of game developers brought together by our shared love for games, art, and entertainment.

We believe that the true essence of gaming lies in pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

Unafraid to inspire gamers to go beyond the veil, using innovative narrative techniques, cutting-edge gameplay systems and deep, philosophical payoffs, we see games not just as entertainment but as an art form that can be used to evoke genuine emotions and create unforgettable impressions.

Our games are designed to be experienced once but played forever.

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